Our products on demand


Berliners on demand

From small to super-size, nicely cut or injected with a cream or other filling, traditionally finished, or with a surprising new decoration.

Together with you, we can make your unique berliner, in an artisan-made quality and based on your preferences.

Please contact us for more information.


Eclairs on demand

From small and elegant, to long and wide, with our own authentic crème patissière or new surprising tastes, finished with classic or over-the-top decorations in several colours and tastes.

A classic eclair in a new shape, or a pimped-out version in standard shape with a luxury filling and exuberant decoration?

Please contact us to discuss your ideas.


Cakes and tartelettes on demand

From small one portion tartelettes ("only for me") to big cakes to share ("sharing is caring"), in a wide range of tastes with delicious and matching decoration.

From traditional regional cakes to extra-ordinary finished tartelettes, we have many possibilities to co-create your ideal product.

Please contact us for more information.


Assortment on demand

Out of our product offerings, you can put together an assortment on demand.

Ranging from one product with different fillings and/or decorations, to different products with the same taste.

On your demand, we can also add pastries which we do not make ourselves to the chosen assortment.

Please contact us for more information.