Why choose Joriba?


Since its foundation in 1984, Joriba (“Johan Ria Bakkerij”) has gained extensive knowledge in the preparation of frozen artisanal pastries.

As the Belgian specialist in the production of berliners and eclairs (choux pastry), we can create almost every product requested by our clients in our product range possibilities. From cleaner label, without added sugars, overloaded with decorations et cetera, everything is possible.

Thanks to our professional bakery team, we can guarantee the daily offering of top quality products to our clients.


Artisanal & Frozen

Artisanal is trending, and is perceived by the general public as good, reliable, hand-made, local quality, which, in fact, it is.

Frozen, however, is still wrongly perceived as not fresh, industrial-made, lower quality.

Our focus lays on the combination of both worlds. We combine artisanal made products with the positive aspects of the frozen aspect, i.e. the convenience factor and the aspect of natural conserving without added preservatives.

So, we bake top quality products and freeze them, our customers just need to "thaw & serve" and enjoy their heartfelt moment of indulgence.


Joriba is used to produce on demand ("make-to-order"), starting with a MOQ of one or two pallets.

We make top-quality artisanal products at a good price in a professional environment, which gives us more flexibility than our big Industrial colleagues.

We aim at long-term relationships with our clients, and are always happy to help them with their specific requests.